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      Brilliant serve from the start to delivery. Manager explained everything and advised and the delivery was well communicated and on time. Great service would recommend.

      Oliver Vardy
      Bikeship Review
    • review

      Went to to test ride a Sunra Robo S and ended up buying an Sunra Grace, which I love and feels is the right electric bike for my needs, plus it’s fun!

      Amanda Dice
      Sunra Grace Review
    • review has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Very happy with my sunra robo s moped and very grateful for all the support bikeship has provided as I got up to speed with owning my very first moped. Highly recommend and particularly impressed by their commitment to excellent customer service.

      Victoria Maddison
      Sunra Robo S
    • review

      Absolutely Incredible Service , Recently Purchased a black Sunra Robo S on the 01/01/21 remotely, honestly for a hassle free experience, choose The MD William will ensure you will not be disappointed. BG in London.

      Jack Robinson
      Sunra Robo S Review